Bimectin Injection – 500ml

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A clear, colourless, slightly viscous, non-aqueous sterile solution containing 1% ivermectin.

The product does not contain an antimicrobial preservative.

Category: POM-VPS

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  • Target species

Cattle, sheep and pigs

  • Indications


For the treatment and control of gastro-intestinal nematodes, lungworms, eyeworms, warbles, mange mites and suckling lice of cattle.

Gastrointestinal worms (adult, L4): Ostertagia spp (including inhibited O. ostertagi), Haemonochus placei, Trichostrongylus axei, Trichostrongylus colubriformis, Cooperia spp, Bunostomum phlebotomum, Oesophagostomum radiatum, Strongyloides papillosus (adult), Nematodirus helbetianus (adult), N. spathiger (adult), Trichuris spp (adult).

Lungworms (adult and L4): Dictyocaulus viviparous.

Eyeworms (adults): Thelazia spp.

Warbles (parasitic stages): Hypoderma bovis and H.lineatum

Mange mites: Psoroptes bovis, Sarcoptes scabiei var.bovis

Suckling lice: Linognathus vituli, Haematopinus eurysternus and Solenopotes capillatus.

May also be used as an aid in the control of the mange mite Chorioptes bovis and biting lice of Damalinia boivs, but complete elimination may not occur.


For the treatment and control of gastro-intestinal roundworms, lungworms and nasal bots of sheep.

Gastrointestinal roundworms (adult and L4): Ostertagia circumcincta (including inhibited fourth stage larvae), O. trifurcate, Haemonchus contortus (including inhibited fourth stage larvae), Trichostrongylus columbriformis, Cooperia curtucei, Oesphagostomum columbianum, Nematodirus fillicollis, Chabertia ovina, Trichostrongylus axei (adult), T. vitrines (adult), Oesphagostomum venulosum (adult), Trichuris ovis (adult).

Lungworms (adults and L4): Dictyocaulus filaria, Protostrongylus rufescens (adult).

Nasal Bots (adult immature): Oestrus ovis (includes somatic larval stages).


For the treatment and control of gastrointestinal nematodes, lungworms, lice and mange mites of pigs.

Gastrointestinal roundworms (adults and L4): Ascaris suum, Hyostrongylus rubidus, Oesophagostomum spp. and adult and somatic larval stages of Strongyloides ransomi.

Lungworms: Metastrongylus spp. (adults)

Lice: Haematopinus suis.

Mites: Sarcoptes scabiei var. suis.

  • Administration

The product should be given only by subcutaneous injection at the recommended dosage level of 200 mcg ivermectin per kg bodyweight under the loose skin in front of, or behind, the shoulder in cattle and over the neck in sheep. At the recommended dosage level of 300 mcg ivermectin per kg of bodyweight, the product should be given only subcutaneously in the neck of pigs.

To ensure administration of a correct dose, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible; accuracy of the dosing device should be checked.

  • Withdrawal


Meat and offal: 49 days.

Do not use in lactating cows producing milk for human consumption. Do not use in non-lactating dairy cows including pregnant dairy heifers within 60 days of calving.


Meat and offal: 42 days.

Do not use in lactating sheep producing milk for human consumption. Do not use in sheep within 60 days of lambing where milk is to be used for human consumption.


Meat and offal: 28 days.

  • Veterinary Medicine Directorate (VMD) / Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA)

To be certain of the most up to date information, customers should check the SPC on the VMD's (UK) or HPRA's (ROI) Product Information Database (links provided below).


(ROI) 1% w/v Solution for Injection


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