Peach Teat – Screw In

£3.50 ex. VAT

Peach Teat with a Twist
  • Milkflo the only Calf Feeder with Screw-In Peach Teat as standard.
  • Teat installation on Milkflo Feeders requires a couple of twists.
  • Screw-In Peach Teats are easy to remove or replace.
  • Screw-In Peach Teats do not need gaskets or seals which can be damaged or lost.
  • Unique Valve never closes in relaxed state, never blocks.
  • Functions like a real cow’s teat, always moving while calf is sucking, calves love them.
  • Milk opening each side of the teat. Teat Tip intact to prevent milk leakage.


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