Provita Calf Colostrum (single feed, 6 feeds)

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A bucket containing six individual sachets of colostrum ready to be mixed with warm water and fed to the calf.


Provides a high level of natural EU sourced colostrum, with added egg powder and vitamins carried in a nutritional energy source. It is formulated to supplement colostrum from the dam or where access to natural colostrum has not been possible.

High in fat soluble vitamins A, D and E to compensate for the inefficient placental transfer of these vitamins. Its nutritional base provides instant and slow release energy allowing the calf to suckle quicker. Its easy-mix formula makes it fast and practical to use.

Use at birth or for bought-in calves to provide a source of natural colostrum and energy to get up and suckle its mother.

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6 feeds, single feed


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