Full Range of Feeds – UFAS Registered No. 5007

Calf Starter Meal

This is our calf starter meal. It is a 18% course ration for newborn calves. This ration gives calves the best possible start as it is loaded with essential trace elements and vitamins such as Vitamin E, D3, B12 protected fats, omega 3 & 6 and a patented yeast.

Calf Weaning Meal

This is our calf weaning meal. This is 17% protein ration. This is ideal for weaning calves of the cow and also a follow on once weaning is completed. This ration boasts an excellent mineral package to build up animal immunity against the stresses after weaning.

Suckler/Store Ration

This is our Suckler/Store ration. This is a 14% protein ration. This ration is for maintaining adequate cover for animals that are not in an intensive feeding system however it still boasts a fantastic minerals package and patented yeast.

Beef Finisher Ration

This is our beef Finisher Ration. This is a 11% protein ration. This is a very well balanced ration for optimum results when it comes to finishing beef cattle. It boasts an excellent minerals package and a patented live yeast for better feed conversion.

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